about me
In 2018 I graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Rep. with masters degree in photography and recently I continue in PhD studies at the same uviversity.
I also work as a freelance - commercial photographer in Slovakia with about 12 years experience.
Photographic awards:
-Czech Press Photo 2017 - Nominee for the 1st prize in News (photo serie Not My President)
-Slovak Press Photo 2017 - 2nd prize in General News (photo serie Not My Presedent)
-Slovak Press Photo 2016 - 1st place in General News (photo serie Terror in Paris)
-Slovak Press Photo 2016 - 3rd place in Sports (photo serie Warm Up)
-Slovak Press Photo 2015 - 3rd place in Slovakia - Richness in Diversity (photo serie More Folklore)
-Slovak Press Photo 2015 - 3rd place in Nature and Enviroment (photo serie Green Stations)
-Slovak Press Photo 2014 - Bratislava City Grant winner
-Slovak Press Photo 2013 - 1st place in Nature and Enviroment (photo serie Bratislava Green City)
-Slovak Press Photo 2013 - 2nd place in Everyday Life (photo serie Golden Red Sands)
-Slovak Press Photo 2013 - 3rd place in Portrait (Faceless Stories)
-Camera Slovakia 2012 - 1st place in People and Culture
-finalist VÚB photo of the Year (2011, 2012, 2013)
-Journalism Award 2012 (nominee for the best news photography)
All photographs and other content of this website are copyrighted.